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I believe that everyone ever born is intended to live with joy. Yes, even through the most difficult challenges we can face in this life. There truly is a way to experience peace and happiness through them.

I believe that you have a unique purpose to fulfill in life and have been given beautiful gifts and abilities to help you accomplish your purpose. Discovering and developing these gifts then learning to use them to serve the world around you is key to living with joy.

My vision is to help you transform your life, discover and share your powerful gifts, clear physical, emotional and mental obstacles, and live a healthy and fulfilling life. READ MORE…

“You’re worth every good thing that can come to you. Take that leap and go for your dreams. It’s your time to live the life you’re meant to live—to live your life above the line.”


~ Life Above the Line: Living the Life You’re Meant to Live

I have loved the experiences I have had with Tiffany as she has mentored me, as she has coached me, as she has provided guidance for me in, not only, teaching me empowering techniques and in life in general. She’s a phenomenal woman, and I’m so glad to have been able to work with her, to be influenced by her, and to learn from her.

Rebecca West

Beverly Hills, CA

I have had the pleasure of getting in contact with Tiffany and learning her self-healing techniques and it just blows my mind! It’s so uplifting and so inspiring. I love the fact that we have the power inside of us and we can learn that through simple little steps. I love it! I think everybody would benefit from reading her book and being a part of the classes that she teaches.

Johanna Lewis

Actress, Dancer

Life Above the Line is an Amazon #1 Bestseller that introduces the personal development and healing principles and techniques of the Perfect Healing© System. Learn how to…


The techniques are simple, but their effects are life-changing. The depth of understanding Tiffany shares about healing is profound. She shares principles and philosophies that illuminate the path for healing your health and your life. Join Tiffany for a journey of discovery, empowerment, and true healing! Available HERE and on Amazon.

“Life Above the Line is an absolute joy to read! Tiffany’s healing experience is inspirational and the positivity in her perspective is contagious. Much of her knowledge is derived from real pain, which makes her wisdom all the more authentic and valuable. The accounts recorded in this book will keep the reader focused and attentive in anticipation for the beneficial remedies contained therein.”

Randy Curtis

Lehi, UT

“Tiffany has been able to find the commonality behind various healing modalities, the deeper reason they are effective. She has stripped away the exterior to find the inner power, and best of all, she can teach you how to utilize this power for yourself. We have the power within us to heal ourselves. We have the power to take control of our health and happiness.”

Julie Sidwell

Pocatello, ID

Tiffany Garvin is endorsed by eZWay Media and Eric Zuley, one of the top 10 influencers worldwide on Twitter.

Celebrities and corporate moguls endorse and praise him for his work and success. He’s been highlighted on several media outlets and touted as “the hardest working man in Hollywood.” He is recognized by Congress for specializing in web marketing and social media.

Learn more about Eric on www.EricZuley.com and on Twitter @EricZuley.

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Life Above the Line Book – Sample Chapter

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