In the nearly 20 years that I’ve faced my own significant health issues, one of the most profound lessons I learned was about the incredible power of thoughts and emotions over our physiology.  As foreign as it sounded, it felt incredibly familiar and right.  Intuitively, I knew that I had experienced that very principle several times throughout my years of illness.  I could see times where it manifest itself.  My father even taught me this principle with cautions like, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

I am so grateful now for those little lessons he taught my siblings and me while growing up.  I never realized their impact until I learned about the scientific evidence that makes those words so real.  I’ve lived my years of struggle with the absolute belief that I would eventually be well.  That explains how I am now creating that reality.  So many others with my same symptoms and issues are significantly worse off.  I almost cringe when I think about that, but then I feel humbled and grateful for the gift of clarity and belief that has sustained me and lead me to healing.

I mentioned science in reference to this principle.  Without getting too deep, I want to share a couple of books that I love – Mind Over Medicine by Dr. Lissa Rankin and Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton.  These are two of the easier reads that tell about epigenetics, the new biology.  Briefly, our body is hard-wired to send messages throughout itself.  These messages are triggered by several things including our thoughts and emotions.  Those thoughts or emotions send signals to our cells and tell them how to read the blueprint of our body – the DNA.  It’s this environment created by our thoughts and emotions that determine if our cells are happy or grumpy, for lack of a better description.  If our cells receive happy information, it tells our body to produce healthy tissues and body functions.  If they receive negative stimulus, they produce or support damaging effects on the body.  Happy equals building health.  Grumpy equals declining health.  Simple enough?

In an effort to refrain from writing a dissertation here, suffice it to say, my joy, gratitude and staunch determinism to be healed actually contributed to my health!  Don’t you just love that?!  My message to you, should you choose to hear it, is to find joy in your life.  Be grateful for what you DO have, not overwhelmed by what you don’t have.  Discover the joy in your gifts, develop them and then serve the world with them.  Your body will thank you for it and your health will reflect it’s inner happiness!



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