Life Above the Line:

Living the Life You’re Meant to Live

Life Above the Line is an Amazon #1 Bestseller that introduces the personal development and healing principles and techniques of the Perfect Healing© System. Learn how to…


The techniques are simple, but their effects are life-changing. The depth of understanding Tiffany shares about healing is profound. She shares principles and philosophies that illuminate the path for healing your health and your life. Join Tiffany for a journey of discovery, empowerment, and true healing!

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Book excerpt…

“Being consistent in responding to your body’s requests for help, you’ll build a productive relationship toward greater health. This upward cycle is powerful and encouraging. It’s a cycle of reinforcement that builds in the direction that you choose. You can choose the negative cycle that spirals downward with more negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs and declining physical health or you can choose the positive cycle. This cycle builds positive emotions, thoughts and beliefs while it improves physical health as well. These patterns are reinforcing, so the more you choose the direction you want, the more power you give those influences. As you continue to choose the positive cycle, it becomes easier and easier. You’ll become happier and happier. You’ll become healthier and healthier. The benefits are there if you choose them.”

Once in every generation someone introduces an idea, a way of thinking, that radically shifts the paradigm of those who came before. Garvin is that change agent for our generation, reframing our vision and expanding the possibilities of energy work. The PERFECT Healing method frees us from the complexities and accoutrements common to other modalities, and grants immediate access to the source of healing power to the novice and advanced practitioner alike. What greater blessing could we ask for?

Shane Thomson, PhD

Huntington, IN

The system in this book is beyond ‘feel good’ personal development. It is sound. It is powerful. Our growth is perfect for us and our healing is perfect for us. True healing is possible in every area of life and Tiffany holds nothing back, but shares all her discoveries.

Erica Laws, RN and Life Coach

Cedar City, UT

Life Above the Line is a book completely in harmony with what I know to be true. I am so pleased to receive simple yet powerful instructions and reminders to help my body and health “return to its original design”. In daily life it is easy to be negative, say negative things to ourselves and listen to “shoulder angels” holding us back. I’m making a conscious change in the things I’ll say to myself because of this book. Words are powerful surges of energy and chemistry. As the author states, “…our intention gives (the words) the powerful shifts in our lives and bodies.” A must read!!!

Ann-Marie Lewis


Tiffany has so much heart and true desire to help. You can feel her passion in everything she says. She doesn’t hold anything back, she gives all of her knowledge to help others heal.

J. Jones

Sacramento, CA

Life Above the Line is an absolute joy to read! Tiffany’s healing experience is inspirational and the positivity in her perspective is contagious. Much of her knowledge is derived from real pain, which makes her wisdom all the more authentic and valuable. The accounts recorded in this book will keep the reader focused and attentive in anticipation for the beneficial remedies contained therein.

Randy Curtis

Lehi, UT

Tiffany has been able to find the commonality behind various healing modalities, the deeper reason they are effective. She has stripped away the exterior to find the inner power, and best of all, she can teach you how to utilize this power for yourself. We have the power within us to heal ourselves. We have the power to take control of our health and happiness.

Julie Sidwell

Pocatello, ID

About the Author

Tiffany Garvin is an innovator in the field of self-healing and personal development. She is also a #1 bestselling author. She survived and thrived in an eighteen-year journey with chronic illnesses, the catalyst for her life’s work. Tiffany is the creator of the Perfect Healing© System, which empowers people to heal their lives at every level so that they can be who they’re meant to be and do what they’re meant to do. Her vision is to help people around the world harness their innate ability to heal themselves and live their genius! She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies/Chinese from Brigham Young University and is a first degree black belt in Kenpo Ju-jitsu. She is happily married, the mother of three children, and loves her life of writing, speaking, and healing.