Life Above the Line is a principle that I teach people who want to go to the next level. They are tired of just getting by in life and want to live their life in creation mode – proactively making their life joyful and full of purpose. I help them recognize the different aspects and areas of their life that keep them below the line – health, relationships, finances  – and how to make a plan to maintain and build the life they want.

After living with chronic illnesses for nearly 20 years, I found myself craving a life where I was contributing in meaningful ways to the world. I was tired of just surviving. I wanted to thrive! I realized that I have beautiful gifts that I can develop and use to serve the world in my unique and powerful way. I also realized that EVERYONE has this same opportunity. We are all born with gifts, talents and abilities that are meant to bless the world – even if it is the world immediately around us – and find great joy and satisfaction in the process. Part of my mission is to help people achieve this fulfillment and happiness.   Are you next?  🙂

Mentoring Sessions:

In my personal mentoring, I help people unlock the mysteries of their life challenges. They will understand their physical, mental, and emotional challenges and the lessons they offer. Then, the journey of empowerment and healing comes next.

This mentoring program is for those who wish to learn powerful tools for improving their life. The principles and techniques we will discuss are found in my international bestselling book Life Above the Line: Living the Life You’re Meant to Live.

In our mentoring sessions, we’ll talk about creating a vision for what you want to accomplish, including physical, emotional, personal, or professional goals; get you on track to removing all the blocks to your succeeding in your goals; and help you begin healing from those obstacles. The more familiar you are with these techniques, the more effectively and directly you can apply them to achieving your goals!

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Tiffany has so much heart and true desire to help. You can feel her passion in everything she says. She doesn’t hold anything back, she gives all of her knowledge to help others heal.

J. Jones

Sacramento, CA