The world would like us to believe that the alternative healing modality of energy healing, aka energy medicine or energy work, is mysterious, dark and even bad. There are those who believe that it’s relegated to voodoo and witchcraft. The truth of the matter is, it’s simply science.

Just like energy in the form of electricity, it’s a neutral tool. It can be used for good or bad. Electricity can fuel a light bulb in a family’s dining room, the radio in a car or Darth Vader’s light saber. Depending upon the individual and their intention with the tool of energy, the outcome can be positive or negative.

Generally in the healing realm energy work is positive. It can facilitate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and help someone regain their health. It can remove root causes and obstacles to the body healing itself physically, mentally, and emotionally, soothe the symptoms and strengthen the body.

The sciences of epigenetics, quantum mechanics and psychoneuroimmunology are starting to explain how the wonderful world of energy healing works. They all show how our minds have great influence over our health. Whether the mind’s influence translates through vibrations, electrical impulses or chemical messages, they all produce the same result. Our physiology is changed.

Most of us have experienced these simple truths. We’ve seen first hand how our thoughts and feelings have had a physiological effect on our bodies. When we feel burdened, we may have stood hunched over. When we worried, our stomach may have become upset – you know, like having ‘butterflies.’ We can even make ourselves ‘sick.’

On the other hand, we may have also experienced the positive side of this. When we were excited about a project or opportunity, it didn’t matter that we were feeling lousy a few moments earlier. We suddenly have a bit more energy and feel better. Another beautiful example is when a mother uses all her mental energy, feelings and even physical energy to calm a fussy baby. This, my friend, is energy work at its purest.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is – illness, physical pain, allergies, emotional burdens or traumatic memories, etc. – energy healing appears to be able to improve it all. And it doesn’t even take a seemingly magical practitioner. It only takes a little belief, a little know-how, and viola! Anyone can learn how to positively impact his or her health, mood and even life circumstances.

It really is very simple. I recently did a radio interview sharing how to use one of my techniques. Here’s a link to the page where the recording is –

Take a few minutes to listen and judge for yourself! 🙂



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