Anxiety is an awful condition, whether you’re suffering from it occasionally or chronically. You can begin feeling out of control, hopeless, and even paralyzed. Fear takes over and you can’t move, but staying in one place merely cements the panic. So what can you do about it?

In the article, 7 Things I Needed to Accept Before Tackling My Anxiety, the author shares powerful insights to begin facing this beast. She spoke of owning her responsibility to get herself through the challenge. She realized that hiding it could make the problem worse. She reminds us that our anxiety can be triggered by past experiences clouding out perspective as we look forward. This is so true!

She misses one thing here, however, saying, “As difficult as these events may have been to go through, there is no inherent reason for them to impact you right now.” What she doesn’t realize is that our bodies are still learning and adopting beliefs and lenses to view life with. Those difficult experiences can actually stay with us – reprogram us in a way – and change how we respond to life thereafter! Those imprints need to be healed so that we can move forward without destructive programs and live unburdened.

Before I stray too much, the author has a few more great points that I’d like to highlight. I wholeheartedly agree with her that seeing ourselves as the victim in our stories is unhealthy and detrimental to living a happy, successful life. Also, keeping away from blame, which only engrains in us a victim mentality, can free us up to see the challenge for what it is and let go of it as we move through it. There is also an imagination factor that can amplify our anxieties to create a horrible scenario that never has, nor ever will exist. Finally, she encourages the reader that there is hope. You can overcome anxiety. Amen!

The insights the author shares in her article are wonderful! I especially appreciate how she ends with a note of hope. THERE IS HOPE! You can overcome anxiety, no matter how deep and ingrained it is in you. Your journey may be a bit longer and require more persistence than someone with lesser intense symptoms, but it can end. You have the power to change your life!

There are simple and effective tools that can help you learn to manage and eventually heal this encumbering condition. You can use my techniques or others, but take charge now.

I believe in you! Know it’s possible. Know you can do it. Know that help is closer than you think. I’m here if you need me.


To read the full article from Collective Evolution, CLICK HERE.


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