“Tiffany came into our home and shared with us super cool techniques to release negative emotional baggage. She explained on a very clear and simple way that even my 8 year old was able to understand it and implement it. After the exercise we felt very relaxed, calm and happier.  We definitely will be using these tools in the future!
“Tiffany speaks from her heart and I can feel the genuine love that she has for people. She is truly a gift to this world!!”   ~ Heidy M.


“I recently went to a class presented by Tiffany Garvin. It was really great!  She was extremely knowledgable with many types of energy healing. She walked us through her method to release stuck emotion.  It was quite simple and very effective.  I was able to release the emotion surrounding a problem I have been working through.  It was immediate.  My anxiety surrounding the problem has not returned. I have been able to move forward and I feel fantastic.  I look forward to working with Tiffany again!”                        ~ Julianne E.

“After completing your book Life Above the Line, I not only felt empowered by the scientific research into why your technique works, but I took the information to heart. I was having anxiety and depression related thoughts every time I sat down to work my new home-based business. Using the techniques, and different methods for using them that you gave in your book, I was able to pinpoint exactly what had me emotional about my business. And not only that, but I was able to make the problems completely go away! After utilizing these techniques, I was pumped and energized and ready to get to work, so excited that what I am doing with my business is worth it to my family, to others, and most especially, to myself! I literally felt weight off my body, scales of darkness peeled from my eyes, my heart and mind opened to new ideas and new motivation. Thank you, Tiffany! You have been a Godsend.”  ~ Lisa H.

“Tiffany has so much heart and true desire to help. You can feel her passion in everything she says. She doesn’t hold anything back, she gives all of her knowledge to help others heal.” ~ J. Jones

“Life Above the Line is an absolute joy to read! Tiffany’s healing experience is inspirational and the positivity in her perspective is contagious. Much of her knowledge is derived from real pain, which makes her wisdom all the more authentic and valuable. The accounts recorded in this book will keep the reader focused and attentive in anticipation for the beneficial remedies contained therein.”  ~ Randy C.

“Tiffany has been able to find the commonality behind various healing modalities, the deeper reason they are effective.  She has stripped away the exterior to find the inner power, and best of all, she can teach you how to utilize this power for yourself. We have the power within us to heal ourselves.  We have the power to take control of our health and happiness.”   ~ Julie S.

“Life Above the Line is a book completely in harmony with what I know to be true. I am so pleased to receive simple yet powerful instructions and reminders to help my body and health ‘return to its original design’. In daily life it is easy to be negative, say negative things to ourselves and listen to ‘shoulder angels’ holding us back. I’m making a conscious change in the things I’ll say to myself because of this book. Words are powerful surges of energy and chemistry. As the author states, ‘…our intention gives (the words) the powerful shifts in our lives and bodies.’ A must read!!!”  ~ Ann-Marie Lewis, Sweden

“Once in every generation someone introduces an idea, a way of thinking, that radically shifts the paradigm of those who came before. Garvin is that change agent for our generation, reframing our vision and expanding the possibilities of energy work. The PERFECT Healing method frees us from the complexities and accoutrements common to other modalities, and grants immediate access to the source of healing power to the novice and advanced practitioner alike. What greater blessing could we ask for?”  ~ Shane T., PhD

“Tiffany is a highly present, stunning lady. You can tell just by looking at her, as she works, that she knows what she’s doing. She is intelligent, creative, and wise, and that is the perfect mixture for successful deliverance every time. When you get Tiffany, you get greatness!”  ~Tiana S.

“Tiffany I have felt very strong that this is been a personal development class on the highest level. I feel like god led me to this so that I could figure out who I need to become. This has been a huge eye opener of how I have been living and not reaching my potential and not becoming who I am suppose to become. I feel like god led me to this so that I can reach my full potential and become who I am suppose to become. I have a lot of work to do and a lot to figure out. I think revealing vision has come up a lot because I am needing to figure out my purpose and my path.”  ~ Kristi J.

“The system in this book is beyond ‘feel good’ personal development. It is sound. It is powerful. Our growth is perfect for us and our healing is perfect for us. True healing is possible in every area of life and Tiffany holds nothing back, but shares all her discoveries.”  ~ Erica L.

“I have struggled, most of my life, with emotional and physical problems that have kept me from reaching out and working towards my dreams. When I met Tiffany, she began helping me not only see the potential I have, but empowering me to grab hold of it and not let go. Thanks to Tiffany and the techniques she’s brought to my remembrance, I am finally free, to not only reach for my dreams, but actually accomplish all my heart’s desires! Thanks Tiffany for offering me freedom!”  ~ Sarah D.

After the birth of my first child in 2013, my health declined rapidly and wouldn’t return. Stumped, I visited doctor after doctor with little results, and the answers I did get we’re not encouraging. I thereafter developed the belief that doctors couldn’t help me, and began searching the holistic field for natural remedies. Recently, I was invited to a healing class where I met Tiffany, and she shared with us her story about her nearly 20 year journey to find healing. She then proceeded to teach us the first of her techniques. I am amazed at what results I experienced in that first 15 minutes, the following hours, and even weeks and months after that single, simple class–and this is using only her first technique! I use it every single day now, and can see so much improvement even from minute to minute, and hour to hour. I’m looking forward to discovering all that lies in her book, and someday (hopefully soon!) attending her 3-day workshop to dive headstrong into what I know will create a healthful future for myself and those around me! Thank you, Tiffany, for giving me back my hope; I am empowered knowing that I CAN be healed; that even things modern medicine cannot figure out, are not beyond our power to change and completely eliminate. Thank you for giving me back my life!” ~ Lisa H.

“Before Tiffany shared her techniques with me I was struggling with my emotions. Battling PTSD and fear of rejection which I learned was the cause of my performance anxiety when it came to making money. God has blessed me with many tools like self-talk, tapping, nutrition and energy healing. Which all worked extremely well and I still use to this day, but for some reason I felt I was still struggling and that I should be a lot farther along than where I was. So I decided to try Tiffany’s techniques about 3 weeks ago when I was in an extremely low mood about my performance. The results were immediate! And it took less than a minute. So I continue to use them anytime I wasn’t feeling good no matter what the reason was and sure enough just like the first time I felt terrific after! I will be realistic, I still struggle with my emotions but they’re healing and I can feel that everyday, all day! And I know one day soon I will be completely healed from those emotional scars and I’ll be new again and have the freedom to be, do and have whatever I desire! God is good! And he does answers prayers! I’m living proof through my life! Thank you Tiffany for being so gracious to me! You are truly awesome! And I will let the whole world know about you and what you’ve done to help me change my life! You will always be remembered and honored! Now I’m super excited about the opportunities before me. I’m super excited about the challenges that come with them. I’m putting up my vision board and pursuing it with a little more vigor, gusto, enthusiasm and adventure!” ~ Rob C.