Tim Ralston is an entrepreneur, inventor, adventurer, TV personality and a truly nice guy with a kind heart. His empowering message of preparedness is more about being encouraged than living in fear. He lives by the familiar adage that if you are prepared, you won’t fear.

He has his favorite tools and gear that are his go-to’s including a Silky Saw and his ingenious gun that shoots just about any kind of bullet. But if you ask him what his best tips are for being prepared for anything, he’ll tell you food, water, seeds and medical supplies. If you press a bit further or talk about worst case scenarios, his next advice is bullets – and lots of them.

A problem Tim says he encounters as he spreads his message of preparedness is people who say that they’d rather die than deal with true disaster, that they would have no will to live. In cases like this, he often takes them through a simple visualization to remember what they truly value in life. He helps them see what in their lives is worth living for – their children, parents, loved ones, and even their pets. He calls this their “life force.” Survival, then, is not about the perfect gear or a lack fear. It’s about remembering and connecting with our reasons to live.

It’s easy to boil survival down to food, water, shelter, family, society, and rule of law. All this helps, but these things are not the only way to be prepared for these difficulties. While the supplies, the gear, the skills, and the plan are important, preparedness is also about being able to respond to whatever is thrown at you. According to Tim, “Survival is adaptation.”

Adaptation is also managing the internal struggles we can face during crisis. This biggest challenge Tim sees as people face survival situations is panic. When people panic they stop thinking clearly. They run the wrong way or stay in a building that they should evacuate. Most people simply don’t respond well to chaos. Tim, like many in his prepper community, have countered this by visualizing countless scenarios and how to survive them. “Being prepared diminishes the panic,” Tim says. But, the average person doesn’t spend his time imagining disasters and how to survive them, leaving them more susceptible to panic. So, what do we do to prepare for crises and the internal chaos they bring?

Techniques that help us manage our emotions, like panic, anxiety, overwhelm and fear, can be life savers. My Vibrational Release Technique does just that. It helps in two ways. First, just thinking about traumatic possibilities can stir up all these emotions. We can proactively heal them and our reactions to them to lessen our stress before we even encounter a crisis. Second, the technique also helps us keep our cool in the moment of trauma. When we’re faced with serious challenges, we can RELEASE, BREATHE, and calm the intense emotions as we experience them.

Tim and I have both seen all the reactions happening INSIDE of an individual during an emergency – physical stress response; beliefs surfacing of one’s ability to survive; emotions of fear, powerlessness, and overwhelm; and the mental conversation we have with ourselves that can build or destroy the possibilities of a positive outcome. Surviving encompasses the internal and external parts of our lives. And the more prepared we are in both aspects, the better chances we have of not just surviving, but actually thriving in response to any significant challenge we may face.

While I’ve understood the value of preparedness in water and food storage, making sure our family has a plan, and even my martial arts training, I’m so glad I had the chance to learn from an expert. Tim gave me a new awareness about the skills, the gear, and other helpful resources that give me more confidence to face a crisis.

As we discussed getting my message of INTERNAL preparedness out to the world in a bigger way, Tim’s final advice was to go on a reality TV show and blow my thumb off in an explosion…like he did. Thanks for the advice, Tim, but I’ll just plug away at spreading the hope and healing in a slightly safer way. 😉


*If you’re interested in learning more about preparedness and the prepper community, there are several websites out there. One of them that Tim recommends is Americans Prepper Network. If you want to learn more about Tim, one of my favorite articles is Gear Up with Tim Ralston on the WeGrowOurs show on Independent Talk 1100AM.

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