Last week was quite a ride! I put myself in a position for growth, which happened to be in Los Angeles, California. I had business meetings with some amazing people, some personal development sessions that were life-changing, and there were also some meetings that never took place. The uncertainty of what to expect was a heavy fog that I had to trudge through. All in all, it was a successful week, but those moments of disappointment and discouragement were rough.

I tend to do this to myself. In fact, it’s something I’ve done to myself my whole life. I engage in opportunities where I will grow and develop who I am. I try out for things, compete in things, submit my creations or even myself to judgment, and so on. I prefer to be very proactive in my journey to better myself and become who I’m meant to become. These growth opportunities are usually more difficult than I anticipate, sometimes even a bit harrowing, but always stretching.

One of the reasons this has worked so well for me is that I have an amazing support team. I have people around me who are wise, love me, and wish for me to succeed. This is invaluable! I can reach for the stars and know that even if I don’t achieve my desires fully, I have a soft place to land and earth angels to help me learn from the experiences. They believe in me and my potential. I love these people with all my heart.

This exercise in becoming has worked throughout my life quite well, but in recent years has been even more effective. These experiences of growth always stirred up internal and external resistance to my self-improvement. This would look like negative self-talk that I shouldn’t try for this or that because I’m not as talented or pretty as the other person. Feelings of anxiety or depression would try to deter my efforts as well. Sometimes, I would even get physically ill along the way to a goal. For most of my life, I would just push through these obstacles…or be squashed by them. However, since I learned how to recognize these types of resistance as simply messages for me to respond to, I can now answer them, heal, and move on stronger than before.

Knowing how to heal the obstacles – and learn the lessons they contain – has allowed me to grow exponentially. This is why I teach others how to harness the power inside of them to help themselves heal. I want everyone to grow more effectively in beautiful ways and become who they’re meant to become. This is also why I encourage people to reach for their dreams, develop their innate gifts, and serve the world in the way they are meant to serve. They can grow and heal on a daily basis by choosing to create or accepting opportunities for growth. This journey not only allows them to heal things inside of them that are keeping them from their greatness, it also allows them to experience the joy waiting for them as they fulfill their missions in life.

Oprah Winfrey recently gave an interview with Jess Cagle, the Editorial Director of People and Entertainment Weekly. In it, she describes how beneficial her opportunity was to learn from others. She experienced great healing while using her gifts to perform literally tens of thousands of interviews. Although, she never personally went to a therapist, interviewing these guests proved very healing. She surrounded herself with wise, caring people who taught her along with her show’s millions of viewers. She was totally present, listened, and was willing to learn. “I came out of it a better human being having listened to everybody’s stories,” she said.

I invite you to reach for your stars, whatever they look like. Discover your gifts and seek to bless the world around you. Surround yourself with people who want your happiness and success. Give your ear to those who inspire your mind with new understanding and hope. Then, listen to the messages from your life, learn how to respond to them, and absorb the lessons that are there to help you grow. Use the techniques in my book Life Above the Line: Living the Life You’re Meant to Live to heal what shows up to be healed and move forward. You’re worth it!


To read the article in People Entertainment Weekly Network, click HERE



Image by Rainier Martin Ampongan

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