Alternative health modalities are not a new addition to my life.  When I was diagnosed with several chronic illnesses in my early twenties, I began a treasure hunt for what would help me heal. I used herbs, acupuncture, martial arts, essential oils and many other tools for about 18 years. They all gave me deeper and deeper understanding of the miracle of our bodies and how we are meant to heal.

I am so grateful for the experiences that I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned.  I feel incredible gratitude for my own health, for the health of my family and for the power we feel over our lives and happiness.

I‘ve seen so many miracles, that I can’t stop there.  I’ve realized that now that I have my physical, mental, emotional health manageable and my overall life steadily improving, I feel a clear drive to help even more people feel the hope and empowerment that I now enjoy.  I believe everyone can learn these simple techniques and ignite the healing within their own lives.

My life is amazing.  I know I am valuable. I recognize the value in each and every individual. I finally get to serve the world with my gifts and help people just like you with beautiful gifts and dreams to feel good enough, strong enough and peaceful enough to actually create the life you’ve always wanted. You can do it!

I believe that everyone ever born is intended to live with joy – that you have a unique purpose to fulfill in life and have been given beautiful gifts and abilities to help you accomplish your purpose.  My vision is to help you discover and share your powerful gifts, clear physical, emotional and mental obstacles, and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

I do this by teaching you how to heal and empower yourself and your loved ones physically, vibrationally and energetically with simple techniques and healthy habits.  Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, you’ll find that you’ve had the power inside of you all along. You will learn how to engage your mind and powerful intentions to create real shifts in your health. I also believe that a healthy lifestyle including large doses of inspiration, hope and creativity are the key.  My desire is to bring relief, hope and vision to everyone who is searching for happier and healthier life.

I will work to help you not only thrive with abundant energy and a healthy body, but be able to dream and create the amazing life you desire and deserve!  What a wonderful world this would be if everyone were truly free to build lives full of meaning, success and joy!


~ Tiffany